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Industry Night:

  • Access to industry panelists’ discussion and networking event 
  • Open to everyone, including CHBE undergraduate and graduate students

Research Day:

  • Open to everyone, including graduate and undergraduate students

Research Day student competitions:

    • Be a competitor in the 3-Minute Thesis and/or Poster competitions. All participants will get a $10 gift card! Additional prizes will be available for the winners. 
      • 3MT for graduate students: Open to CHBE graduate students (NOTE that this event will take place on Feb 26)
      • 3MT for undergraduate students
      • Short Research Presentation competition: Open to graduate and undergraduate students from CHBE. Due to the virtual nature of the event, what was previously a poster session will be run as 5 min research short presentations. The presentations will run in sequence and each student will be allowed to present their work on multiple slides (up to 3 max.). There will be a 2 min Q&A session at the end of each talk.


Please contact the Graduate Student Council President at